Dominik Jestädt


Function: Vice President, HR Responsible

Course of Studies: International Cultural and Business Studies B.A. with ibero-romance focus

Age: 21

Languages: German, Bavarian 😉, English, Spanish and a little bit of French

AEGEE member since: October 2019


What is one thing that you have learnt during the lockdown? 

For nearly all of us (including me) it’s quite normal to book a flight and discover a new culture. But I learnt that to appreciate this privilege to go anywhere anytime.

What is/was your favourite lockdown activity?

I tried to go outside as often as possible and connect that with sports.

What is your favourite thing about Passau?

It’s the atmosphere. As I have roots here, it’s kind of my second home.

Why are you a part of AEGEE-Passau?

To be honest, they told me one can meet new people within the AEGEE-Community and travel a lot. And they weren’t wrong. But well, the pandemic is another chapter…