How do you pronounce AEGEE?

AEGEE is french and therefore: AH -EH-GEE. On international events there is always additionally a slight English accent.

How large is AEGEE-Passau??

We have about 200 members, of which 40 are active. Our board consists of 7 people keeping an overview of all activities in Passau. AEGEE-Passau is the 10th largest antenna of the entire European network.

What is the difference between AEGEE and AIESEC?

On the first glance both look the same: cryptic abbreviations, blue color, the same target group of cosmopolitan young students. Our objectives are indeed totally different. AIESEC as worldwide largest student association provides internships of between 2 and 12 months with additional training. AEGEE as the largest European student association stands for European integration etc.

We don’t offer any internship programme.

Here in Passau both associations share the same office in HK 14, room 002A and sometimes even cookies.

I still don’t get it. What is AEGEE doing?

You’re not the only one in this case. The actual question is: What is AEGEE not doing? It is difficult to sum up what AEGEE includes but basically we organise events with an European reference. Here everyone can be part of several working groups, committees and projects on a local or European level. It doesn’t matter if you are a law student, IT-guy, or the classic model of an European Studies or International Culture and Business Studies student. Maybe you just want to travel the world on low expenses and get to know new people? This is also a main part of AEGEE. The best is to not get scared off by the prime confusion – the experienced members help you with all questions you have. After one semester you totally got everything and turned into a real AEGEEan.

I want to get into contact with the ERASMUS students. How can I do that?

Well, you are excactly right with us concerning that. Most members primarily join us for this reason. AEGEE-Passau is the LEI (Local Erasmus Initiative) in Passau and takes care of the incoming international students together with the help of the international office of the university of Passau. This can include dealing with 300 newcomers in winter and about 100 newcomers in summer. A lot of new members join us during the first weeks of semester which makes it a little more difficult for them to get in touch during erasmus parties and events. The easiest way for them is go join us for the “Erasmus Orientation Weeks” which already take place before the semester starts. You can also join our “Intercambio” programme where we match language partners, so called “tandems”. These tandems can participate in many smaller events during the semester and that’s how you can make the jump into the world of Erasmus!

I am an Erasmus-/international student at the university of Passau. Do I have to become an AEGEE member to participate in their activities?

No! AEGEE is simply the Local Erasmus Initiative in Passau. We provide you with day to day help on all fields (studies, culture, fun…) and organise activities for international students throughout the entire semester. Some of those activities are open to everyone, some are exclusively for you – the internationals! Of course we would be happy to welcome you actively participate in AGEE and join the team 🙂

How can I become a member?

That’s very simple! Just come to our weekly meetings on Thursday or write an E-Mail to info@aegee-passau.de. We give/send you a registration form which you fill in, sign it and hand it back to us. Afterwards you will register in our OMS (Online Membership System) and after we have accepted you as a member you are free to sign up for all AEGEE events on a European level!

The annual membership fee is 20€ and will be transferred from your bank account.

Everyone is talking about travelling but my budget as a student is so limited. How do they afford that?

AEGEE-Passau knows about this struggle and offers a solution to make travelling a little more affordable for our members. For more information go to Travelreimbursment.

AEGEE offers the possibility to travel as price efficiently as never before! Some members even told us they spent less money travelling than they would spent if the actually stayed at home. A lot of events either get funded by the local antenna of receive subsidies by the European Comission. They pay up to 70% of transport costs!

Furthermore you’ll get to know travel talents who can tell you how to get plane tickets or a stay in a hotel for under 5€.

I actually don’t want to be active in the local antenna but instantly work on an European level. Is that possible?

Of course that is no problem. AEGEE doesn’t have a strict hierarchy concerning that and a lot of members use the network only on the European level. But you still have to be a formal member of a local antenna (you are free to chose which one).

What is AEGEE doing in Germany?

AEGEE-Germany? Not excisting. AEGEE works only on local and European level and is proud to have no nationbound limitation or a national level. Many of us see each other as Europeans and not as Germans, French, Italians etc. A small intermediate level are the networks in which geographically close antennae group up.