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Why AEGEE is worth to be supported

AEGEE is a forum for students that want to expand their horizon and set their career in Europe.

AEGEE members work determined and on their own responsibility on diverse projects. They organise conferences, seminars and working groups, hold meetings and help internationale students in Passau with their studies and their daily life.

AEGEE is a student association that combines academic learning goals with practical experience on a broad level.

AEGEE members work and discuss on a variety of event forms in whole Europe together with economical, political, social and cultural representatives.

AEGEE qualifies it’s members with above average performances in their later profession as they already adopt responsibility and motivation during their studies.

 To support AEGEE means to invest in Europe!

 What we can offer you

AEGEE-Passau e.V. is with it’s broad spectrum of activities, an excellent advertising medium for your international oriented and open for new ideas company. We represent an interesting target group and operate with our events as a multiplier in the entire university environment.

We offer you:

  • Advertisement in our for the different events published program brochure
  • References to your company’s support at our events
  • Your company’s logo on our posters and announcements
  • References to your company’s support at our events on our homepage
  • Presence of your company through the products and advertising media provided by you during our events for an international audience

AEGEE-Passau e.V. is a nonprofit association. An acknowledgement of your donation is therefore always possible.

 Did we catch your attention? If so please contact us:

AEGEE-Passau e.V.
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94032 Passau

Phone: +49 (0)851 – 509 – 1985


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AEGEE-Passau e.V.

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