25 Years of AEGEE-Passau

Finally on Saturday 13th June 2015 it went down!

AEGEE-Passau celebrated its 25th anniversay in the city theatre of Passau together with a lot of guests.

Among the guests were besides Marco Kalbusch, founder AEGEE-Passau in company of his family, also many former AEGEE members. Furthermore some friends of AEGEE-Bamberg and our “Twin-Antenna” AEGEE-Delft travelt to Passau to celebrate this special occasion.

After a glas of sparkling wine all guests sat down and listened to Jana Niedringhaus’ (President of AEGEE-Passau SS 15) official welcome. Moreover Mrs Prof. Dr. Ursula Reutner, Vice President for International Relations of the University of Passau held a speech in her function as patron of AEGEE-Passau.  Last but not least the main organizer of this event, Verena Meier, raised her voice to the audience.

After this first official part the buffet, consisting of a great variety of culinary delicacies, opened. During the meal it came to several interesting conversations between former and actual members. One delighted in memories or shared experiences of current events in and out of Europe. Besides the musical background of a live band, the additional “Photobox” turned out to be a major highlight. The guests could pick accessoires and set the scene to take a nice memory home afterwards. Another part of the programme was the appointment of Kathrin Renner as honorable member of AEGEE-Passau. After her local involement she switched to the European Board of AEGEE and proved herself as a worthy representation of our local antenna.

The highlight of that event was the disclosure of our newly and primarily elected mascot. Embedded in a theatre-like presentation the deer named Hugo was introduced as the official mascot of AEGEE-Passau. All guests were interactively involved in the unveiling act which caused broad amusement.

After four hours full of surprises, memories, precious conversations and a lot of fun the event came to an end. Nevertheless the night was still young so that some guests decided to wind it down with a collective beer in the Innstadt.

Thanks to everyone who made this anniversay possible!